The Latest Theme Blogger Template (Updated)

Hi friends How are you,today i am going to give you a very beautiful blogger template you all would love to use.As you would have not been using this type of blogger template layout as before.This is very nice template with a very clean layout.I am damn sure you will love this blogger template.As this was the wp Theme design from wpthemedesigner and i have succesfully converted it into blogger template.It also has three column footer below it and is magazine styke template.Now lets show you the template.


Provogue Blogger Template

Provogue is a three column blogger template with sidebar to its right and post section to left.The theme is designed by web2feel and converted by me to blogger.The design is gorgeous and it looks damn proffessional.Top menu links are ready for you.Seo for title has been done and it supports all blog features and is compatible with all browsers.There are two menu widgets for you.One is linklist and other is page widget you can add links from your layout.I hope you will like his template for sure.Special feature in the templates is the featured section and tabbed content navigation widget in sidebar.

Other blogger templates you may like are Warpack and BrandNew Folio.


Blogger Template | Work-a-holic

Work-a-holic is a free minimalistic two and three column blogger theme that focuses mainly on showcasing portfolios for artists, web designers, photographers and illustrators.And really it is the best theme you would have ever used on blogger.Theme is fully automatic in functionality.No need to take pains in posting , just post as you were you doing before.The template is especially made for photo blogs.The template is completely in magazine style with all blog features working in it including pages by blogger.Three column footer has also been built to give you extra space to add widgets for homepage.


30+ Premium Like Gallery Blogger Templates Free

30+ Premium Like Gallery Blogger Templates and all free to download.Yes friends as you all know now we have made blogger to work all types of templates as themes work on wordpress.And much effort has been made on making gallery templates so far and have made blogger reach to run all the complex gallery templates with so ease, that nobody can think of.As from past year there have been made lot gallery templates and all have been the best so far and premium one which are being given by the all below template authors for free, which spent a lot time on making this for you.So below comes the list for the premium like blogger gallery templates which you can use for free.

1)Cellar Heat Light Gallery

2)Showcase Light






8)Photoplus Light

9)My Showcase

10)Hybrid Gallery

11)Blogger Tube

12)Bingo Gallery

13)AllBlogTools Gallery

13)Entertainment Gallery

14)Tequilas Flamejantes

14)Simplex Gallery


16) BlueFolio

17) WP Showcase

18) Photo Gallery

19) Work-A-Holic

20) Simplex

21) Mosaicus

22) Simplex Portfolio

23) Photo-Blog

24) Mashup

25) Gallery

26) VideoPhotoGame

27) Snapshot

28) CssGallery

29) Magnesiumize

World's Culture

India: Darjeeling: Tibet refugee weaving wool


Nepal: Red hat Monks in the mist on their mountain Monastery

Venezuela: Orinoco delta

Kirgystan: Lake Issygul

North West China

Kirkystan: School children

India: Tamil Nadu: Harvest festival


India: Varenasi



Vietnam fishermen

Vietnam: Hoi An fish market

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh tomb queue

Vietnam: Mekong popcorn makers

Myanmar transport


Myanmar fish sellers



Myanmar: Lake Inle


Myanmar: Mandalay Monks

Cambodia: Lake Tonle Sep

Cambodia: Lake Tonle Sep



Myanmar: Lake Inle rower

Myanmar: Rice planters

Myanmar makeup

Nepal: Pokhara wedding orchestra

Tunisia: Djerba

Tunisian petrol station

Argentina:  Permamalka festival
Nepal:  Khatmandu
Bhutan :  Punakh Dzong
Ivory coast:  Abidjan laundry
King of Togo
Senegal:  Salt harvester


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