South Chinese Tiger Geely

 South Chinese Tiger Geely GT

New Brand of Geely GT changes into “South Chinese tiger” and enjoys generally popularity

The Geely GT “Siberian Tiger”, which once made a visual feast for the media and the public in Beijing auto show in 2008 due to its striking shape and superlative design, came to the Shanghai auto show this time as “South Chinese tiger”. However, it is still alive and dominant, and becomes the most popular coupe in this Shanghai auto show.
In front face, the cell-shape grid is not changed much, but some details are improved, therefore it looks more concordant. On the one hand the sport and king style keep enough visual shock, on the other hand it becomes most mature and confident.Geely GT red and black in interior trim, very sport styleGeely GT rearIn waistline, there seem to be changed a little. The overall rear line rises and creates a rounder combination. The rear line extends along the very circular lateral waistline and meets in the rear, combining the rear and the waist to be naturally whole. The slightly upward butt makes the coupe look like a tiger at the ready. Dynamic factor and sport style are expressed completely.
Frontal face with powerful visual shock
King comes back, Geely GT is obviously dominant
The paramount meaning from “Siberian tiger” to “South Chinese tiger” is that it takes only one year to turn a pure conception car, which was exhibited in 2008 Beijing auto show, to be a production car, which proves that Geely can adjust own strategies according to market demands and then determine if it is required to launch. This coupe with scissor doors design attracted everyone’s eyeballs. This kind of striking design, which was only found in superior coupes in the past, embedded in the homemade car for the first time. Additionally the unique palm print verifier door control system and the real-time traffic visual rearview system are impressive. The Geely GT with scissor doors looks like a tiger crouching in booth.

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